Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Animations EVER.

Yay, I finally uploaded something (Drew helped). I'll try to do more (make Drew do more) in the future. Eeeeeeenjoooooooy.


Jimmy Xu said...

Whoa lol Evee, when /i saw the racoon drop in the end, i was like O__O and then my jaw kinda dislocated.. nice slow timing on the whole balloon float!!!

Oh btw, you should dwn the program called eztoon, its like ms paint, but its a frame by frame animation thing, it's easy as... i donno something really easy lol

kathryn durst said...

Ahhhhhh Evee you are so my favourite person ever! You had better guard all your talent because sometime in these 4 years I AM going to steal it. :)

looove you

Keelamari said...

Yay, I've been wanting to watch that raccoon again! You are fantasmagoric.

Amanda said...

Raccoon + foot twitch= wins for Evee

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